Plug Boot RJ45 Cover Pelindung

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⭐️ Vention Plug Boot RJ45 Cover Pelindung ⭐️

Features :
? Waterproof and Dustproof
? Easy Installation and Wiring

Specifications :
? Model : IOC
? Connector Shell : PVC

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Product Description

Waterproof and Dustproof
Effectively prevent dust or water from entering the RJ45 plug and avoid poor contact

Prevent Breakage
Protect the buckle from reversing. Prevent the exposed insulation of the network cable or the network cable from breaking, etc

Flexible and Easy for Installation and wiring
Flexible and quick rebound

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Gray, Yellow, Black, Blue


100pcs, 50pcs


Brand : Vention
Nama : Plug Boot RJ45 Cover Pelindung
Model : IOC
Warna : Black / Blue / Gray / Yellow
Shell : PVC
Garansi : 1 Tahun
Packing : PE Bag