Kabel LAN Extension Cat.7 Gigabit Ethernet Network – 10M

⭐️ Vention Kabel LAN Extension Cat.7 Gigabit Ethernet Network ⭐️

Features :
? Transfer Rate up to 10Gbps
? Transmission Bandwidth up to 600MHz
? FTP shielded, Anti-electromagnetic interference
? High speed data transmission rate
? Durable tactical Cat7 network cable
? Suitable for indoor usage
? Backward compatible with Cat6a, Cat6, Cat5e

Specifications :
? Length : 10M
? Connector Interface : RJ45 Male to Female
? Connector Material : Gilt / Steel Material
? Conductor : Pure Copper
? Shielding : Aluminum Foil
? AWG : 30AWG
? Jacket : PVC

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Product Description

600MHz Stable bandwidth, 10Gbps High Speed
Supports bandwidth up to 600MHz, offers a maximum networking speed at 10Gbps for you to surf the Internet, stream videos, music and other data without the hassles of slow network.

Excellent shielding effect
Compared to the usual plastic jacket of UTP cable, The High-Speed Ethernet cables with PVC sheath and multiple aluminum foil provide strong shielding. Gold-plated RJ45 connectors protect the cable from external electromagnetic interference.

One-Sec Installation
Plug-&-play: Ready to use, once each end is connected to a respective port on a compatible device


Informasi Tambahan

Berat 347.6 g
Dimensi 26 × 18 × 3 cm


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Brand : Vention
Nama : Kabel LAN Extension Cat.7 Gigabit Ethernet Network
Model : ICB
Warna : Black
Tipe Interface : RJ45 Male to Female
Konektor Material : Gold-plated
Transmission Rate : 10Gbps
Transmission Bandwidth : 600MHz
Konduktor : Pure Copper
Jaket Material : PVC
Shielding : Aluminum Foil
Panjang Kabel : 0.5 – 10M
Diameter Kabel (OD) : 2.5mm x 8.2mm
Garansi : 1 Tahun
Packing : Color Box