Kabel Aux 3.5mm to 3RCA AV Converter Audio Video TV Box

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⭐️ Kabel Aux 3.5mm to 3RCA AV Converter Audio Video TV Box ⭐️

Features :
? Hi-fi Sound Quality
? Audio & Video Sync
? Stable Transmission

Specifications :
? Length : 1.5M / 2M
? Connector Interface : Aux 3.5mm Male to 3-RCA Male AV
? Connector Material : Gold-plated
? Shell : PVC
? Conductor : Enamelled Copper
? AWG : 26AWG
? Jacket : PVC

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Product Description

Convert a 3.5mm Stereo Connection to 3RCA Plugs (Right/Left), Red and White Cable
The 3.5mm(1/8″ headphone plug) to 3RCA(Right/Left) stereo patch cable is ideal for plugging the 3.5mm plug into the headphone jack of your device or computer and the 3 RCA’s to the left and right auxiliary inputs on your sound system. It offers incredible audio clarity over all lengths to provide a versatile connection between hardware for all your stereo audio needs. The slim metal case connector allows you to plug it to your source device without taking off your mobile/Tab case.

User-Friendly Design
This 3RCA to 3.5mm audio cable uses color-marked connectors (red & white) to make it fast and easy for you to plug your cables in.
Aluminum housing offers solid protection against all scratches, and easy to unplug.

Reliable Transmission, Flawless Audio
24k gold-plated connectors, multi-shielding jacket, protect your cable from corrosion and ensure a reliable connection for the best possible audio transfer.
Enjoy the music, enjoy the sweet.

Installation Reminder
Driver free.
Please ensure compatibility and correct operation of all connected equipment before the cable is permanently installed inside a permanent fixture.

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1.5M, 2M


Brand : Vention
Nama : Kabel Aux 3.5mm to 3RCA AV Converter Audio Video TV Box
Model : BCB
Warna : Hitam
Tipe Interface : 3.5mm Male to RCA Male
Konektor Material : Gold-plated
Transmission Direction : Bi-direction
Konduktor : Enamelled Copper
Shell : PVC
Jaket Material : PVC
Panjang Kabel : 1.5M / 2M
Diameter Kabel (OD) : 3.8mm
Garansi : 1 Tahun
Packing : PE Bag